Building better entrepreneurs to build a better world!

We are not for everyone. We are the shit disturbers, the change makers. The ones that know the world can be a better place, but only if the brave step up to the plate and swing until the bat hits the ball. Success and satisfaction in life requires doing the right work. We are not looking for the rah rah, we are looking for substance. We are looking for actionable steps. We are looking for results.

Business when done right is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences. Few things are as beautiful as a business that is run in an honest, ethical, and responsible manner. It is a form of art that makes the world a better place. Building a business gives us the power to share our gifts with the world and help our customers and clients solve their problems and improve their lives in some small way for having dealt with us.

Unfortunately, most small business owners / solopreneurs experience frustration, putting in a lot of work with little reward, and financial stress because they are having to learn everything through personal experience and pain. You work long hours putting your heart, soul, and family finances on the line but usually feel exhausted and bruised like a ball in a pinball machine.  The dream of financial success and time freedom seems like a distant mirage as you are caught in the day to day plate spinning and juggling of running the business that was supposed to be your ticket to the good life but is now heavy weight on your shoulders.

The good news is there is an easier and faster way turn your business into the achievement you originally envisioned.  Having a knowledgeable and experienced guide to help you navigate the exciting and confusing world of small business saves you years worth of time,  countless piles of money, and an unbelievable amount of grief and stress. 

Tammy has been in business and specializing in helping small business owners and solopreneurs since 2003.  She brings decades of hands on, practical experience to the table.  Teaching you useful, put it into practice now ways to manage your business and your life, attract the clients you want to work with, saving yourself time and grief, and getting you to profitable in a fraction of the time compared to trying to figure it out on your own.

So if you are an existing small business owner and wanting to turn things around or just speed up your journey to success or a brand new solopreneur wanting to start off on the right foot, KSA Business is here to help you.  You can create the business (better cashflow, more profits, more time, and better clients) and the life (less stress, more work / life balance, and better organized) that you want.

Contact Tammy to discuss how she can help you achieve your goals.