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I’m Tammy Johnston, and I’ve been working with Small Businesses for over 20 years.


I specialize in helping Solopreneurs as early in their journey as possible to teach them the basic, foundational skills they need to first survive and then THRIVE!

Building a business gives you the power to share your gifts with the world, 
help your customers and clients solve their problems and improve their lives in some small way in an honest, ethical, and responsible manner.

KSA Business is here to help!

  • We provide guidance, support, and accountability to make your dream of creating a successful and sustainable small business a reality.
  • Bringing decades worth of knowledge and practical, hands on experience to help you successfully navigate the exciting world of entrepreneurship.
  • I only deal with real life, battle tested advice that works for everyone.
  • When you start with building a strong foundation your chances of success increase dramatically.
  • Our programs are live, interactive, and affordable.


Listen to some podcasts and interviews I have had the pleasure of being a guest on.

Few things are as beautiful as a business that is run in an honest, ethical, and responsible manner.
It is a form of art that makes the world a better place.


I have been titled The Hold Your Hand and Kick Your Ass Business Coach by my loving clients.

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