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Kick Start 2024

Excited to learn the strategies of businesses that actually stay in business? In this program, you will learn how to build a business that is sustainable and successful over the long haul.

A weekend to launch

Starts On January 12, 2024

A Year of Support

everything you need to

Build a Business that Survives the First Two Years and then goes on to Thrive

Building a Strong Foundation for Your Business

Learning With and From Other Entrepreneurs

Live Classes Where You Can Ask Questions

All Information Battle Tested in Real Life

Regular Support to Keep You On Task and On Track

Over 20 Years Experience Supporting Entrepreneurs

Tammy Johnston, THE Hold Your Hand and Kick Your Ass Business Coach and Founder of KSA Business

Meet your Mentor

Tammy Johnston

Hi, I am Tammy, THE Hold Your Hand and Kick Your Ass Business Coach. I am on a MISSION to drastically improve the success rate of new businesses.


The sad fact is that most small businesses fail within the first two years. And the truth is these businesses rarely fail because there is a problem with the product or service or that the Entrepreneur wasn’t working hard enough.  The main reason why businesses fail is because the Entrepreneur is lacking the BUSINESS SKILLS necessary to support their product or service. 


Kick Start was designed to teach you the eight foundational aspects of ALL successful businesses, and to support you in actually implementing them. I am not just going to info dump on you and leave you floundering on your own trying to figure out how to put the pieces together in your business.


I want to see you succeed in building a business that supports you, your family, your customers, and your community. It is a journey that takes time and consistent effort, and I am committed to holding your hand and kicking your ass as needed to support you on your journey.

Building a business that works in real life

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$ 1500

Why KSA Business?

Frequently Asked Questions

Kick Start is designed to best support new business owners (idea stage to two years), although I have worked with everyone from the idea stage up to those who have been successfully running businesses for years and even decades.


My favourite students are what I refer to as the “Praying for the Pink Slip” crowd because I can help them build a business while they still have the financial security of a steady pay cheque the the motivation to get out before they launch their business.


It does not matter what your business is (product or service based), what industry you are in, your age, gender, or background. The people that succeed are the ones that are willing to learn, ready and willing to put in the work, and that are realistic in their expectations (overnight success typically takes 10 plus years)

You will learn the eight foundational pieces of all successful businesses:

Mindset and Goals

Vision, Mission, and Values


Advisory Team






You will get a crash course in Small Business Class to launch you and we will spend the year building on these skills and guiding you in implementing them into your business and your personal habits.

The class is on the weekend of January 12, 2024. 


Class runs on Friday, January 12 starting at 5 pm PST and goes until 9 pm PST

On Saturday and Sunday class runs from 9 am PST and goes until 5 pm PST.


It is set up this way to have the least amount of disruption to your schedule and to accomodate those who still have jobs.

Mastermind happens on Mondays at 3 pm PST starting on January 22, 2024.


There are 44 calls spread out over the year that build upon and expand upon what you learned in the Small Business Class and support in actually implementing what you are learning.


Once you register you will receive the full schedule of the weekly calls and the days off so that you can mark them in your calendar.

Small Business Class is one intense weekend of 20 hours of instruction.


For Mastermind for the rest of the year the weekly call takes about 30 minutes and the homework takes 15 – 30 minutes each week. 


You can of course choose to put in more time, but we want to make sure that while you are putting in consistent time and effort building your business you are not drowning in extra work.

Kick Start is priced to make it affordable to anyone wanting to start a business.


For an investment of $1,500 Canadian (so for those used to paying in US dollars you get an additional discount due to the exchange) during Black Friday Week you get Small Business Class, a year of group coaching, and 12 private coaching sessions.


Comparable programs typically cost $3,000 – $5,000 US a MONTH.

All classes (Small Business Class, Mastermind calls, and Private Coaching sessions) are all held on Zoom.

All of the classes (Small Business Class and Mastermind) are taught live.


Through many years of experience teaching and taking courses I know that it is way too easy to put off indefinitely (usually leading to permanently) things that you will always have access to.


I have found that when something is a set appointment in your calendar and you are actively involved in a live class you actually show up and do the work.


There is no point in paying for a course that you don’t complete and don’t implement.


I don’t want you to just pay me, I want you to learn, and most importantly do the work to make your business a success.

With Kick Start you get 12 Private Coaching sessions (30 minutes each) with Tammy.


You can use them whenever you choose.  You may decide to spread them out over the year or use them in clusters when you need extra support and guidance.