Tammy Johnston

Speaker, educator, business woman, author, and shit disturber intent on making the world a better place for everyone

Tammy started her first company, The Financial Guides in 2003.  Setting out to do something new in an old industry, rather than just focusing on the quick and easy RRSP or life insurance sale, she put her efforts into educating her clients.  Helping them with their personal finances, small business issues, and supporting them in all areas of their lives turned out to be a much more enjoyable and profitable way to do business. 

As the years progressed and many lessons were learned (some in fun and wonderful ways and others in painful “I’m not going to do that again” ways) Tammy leaned more and more into the small business consulting.  Yes, there are always was to improve the personal finances, but there are limits.  When working with businesses to improve what they are doing and support them in practical, hands on ways you can increase their income, lower their stress, and make their lives better on  much larger scale and in a much shorter time frame.

Tammy has been teaching small business topics since 2004, has been a noted small business expert on the stage, at the front of the classroom, and in various media outlets for the better part of two decades.  Her approach is straight forward and practical.  If you are looking for gentle or candy coated you are in for a bit of a surprise.  Tammy is known for her hold your hand or kick your ass approach, whichever is needed, and sometimes both at the same time.  If you are looking for results and not just nice words and more knowledge that you never actually use, then Tammy Johnston is the woman you are looking for.