"The purpose of a business is to make the world a better place."
- Alexander Den Heijer

Small Business Retreat

So many great conferences, seminars, and classes are held in stunning locations, but you never get to see anything because you are locked in a classroom from sun up till sundown.  Join us in beautiful Los Lagos Resort in Costa Rica to a week of working on your business AND enjoying time to relax.

What you will learn

Small Business Class

  • How to flip your mindset from Employee to Entrepreneur
  • Business goal setting
  • Vision, Mission, and Values
  • Marketing.  How to do it effectively and affordably as well as Anti-Marketing
  • Advisory Team.  Who do you need on your team, why, and where to find them
  • Systems.  What are they, why are they important, how they make you money, how they save you time, and how to set them up in your business and life
  • Financials. What does all the jargon really mean, understand the numbers so you can maximize your profit, learn the story of your business told by the dollars and cents
  • Define and attract your ideal client and not waste time on emotional and financial vampires
  • Income / Cashflow.  Learn about the life blood of your business and how to protect and grow it
  • Profit.  The reason we are all in business.  What is it, how to define / calculate it, and how to make a lot more of it.


What's Included

Accommodations at the beautiful Los Lagos Resort for Sunday to Friday

Breakfast Monday to Friday

Coffee and Lunch Monday to Friday

4 hours of Zoom Pre-Class Instruction

20 hours of in class instruction

Time each day to absorb what you learned and to enjoy the beautiful Los Lagos Resort and surrounding area


We are sincerely hoping that the world is out of the Covid 19 pandemic and we will be once again free to travel for pleasure and business, and we are tentatively setting our dates for April 9 – 14, 2023.  We will be solidifying the date soon.