Small Business Training Retreat

Do you dream of owning a business that fulfills your purpose and provides a good living for your family?

Do you work hard, but not see the results you feel you should be getting?

Are you tired of trying to figure it all out on your own?

I have been where you are and I can help you.

This fully live and in person event is for small business owners and solopreneurs that are looking to build a sustainable and profitable business in 2024 and beyond. 


You have a great product or service, but need the education and support to build the business of your dreams.


Join the KSA Small Business Training Retreat where you will learn the basic, foundational business knowledge that you need to build a profitable and sustainable business.

Why do you want to be here?

  • You are ready to put in the work to make your business a success

  • You get to meet, network with, and learn along with other small business owners

  • You are looking for real, practical help that you can actually use

  • You are looking for ongoing support to keep you moving forward after the Retreat

  • You want time to absorb the information and to explore beautiful La Fortuna, Costa Rica

No Bullshit, No Filters, No False Promises

This is for people that are serious about making positive, long lasting changes in their business and their lives.


If you are looking for real, battle tested business knowledge then this is what you have been searching for!

Now is the time to build the business of your dreams!

What would it be like if you had a
To build the business you always imagined?



Stop bumping around in the dark trying to figure it out all by yourself


Stop having to do it all on your own


Stop having to learn it all the hard way


Stop making expensive and time wasting mistakes


Stop living under constant stress


Stop constantly bouncing from crisis to crisis

START creating the business and life you WANT!

To get serious about building a business that serves your customers AND takes care of your family.

About Tammy Johnston


I have been working with small business for over 20 years, and I specialize in helping Solopreneurs as early in their journey as possible (idea stage to two years) by teaching them the basic, foundational skills they need to first survive and then go on to thrive.


Over this time I have seen way too many great people with awesome products or services struggle, and in a lot of cases, fail in business simply because they did not have the vital business skills they needed.


Having been in the trenches while raising a family and growing a business I have learned what the necessary pieces are to build any business.


Living the principles of Kaizen and constant learning and improvement has served me very well over my two decades in business.


Let me save you the bruises I and my clients have earned by sharing what you need to know.

I believe that for any information to be useful you have to be able to put it to use in real life. I teach real life, battle tested business knowledge.


I’ve got your back and you are not alone.


Join us in beautiful Volcano Lodge, La Fortuna, Costa Rica for a week that will positively impact that rest of your life and business!

The FACT is until and unless you build a solid foundation for your business, you are going to be working harder and longer and not getting the results you want.

You Don’t Have To Do It All On Your Own

KSA Small Buisness Training Retreat has been designed to help you build the business and life you imagined.

  • You get launched with a week of Small Business Class to give you the fundamental business information you need to start properly building your dream
  • You get the ongoing education, support, and accountability to keep you on task and on track to actually DO THE WORK
  • This is not theory, everything has been battle tested in real life with real people getting real results
  • You get to interact, learn, and network with a variety of fellow business owners

This is your opportunity to get all the pieces in one place and save yourself the frustrating and expensive experience of learning everything on your own the hard way.

Put yourself on the path to success and stop bouncing around like the ball in the pinball machine just reacting to whatever it hits and usually ending up in the gutter.

Building your own business is much easier and so much more fulfilling when you have the necessary knowledge and support.


  • 100% committed to making their business work
  • That believe in doing business in an honest, ethical, and moral way
  • Committed to doing the work
  • Having a passion for learning and implementing
  • Willing to invest in themselves and their dream
  • Wanting knowledge and advice that works in real life
  • Wanting to cut years off their learning curve
  • Know it is better to learn from the mistakes of others rather than making every mistake themselves
  • Wanting to network and learn from other business owners
  • That have a sense of humour and are not offended by colourful language



KSA Small Business Training Retreat


So if you are serious about building a business that serves you, your family, your customers, and your community.


Dedicate 1 week and 1 hour a week over the next year, to create the business and life you imagine!


CONTACT ME: If you have questions about the program, please click here and book a FREE 15 minute Business Introduction call.

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